Monday, February 08, 2010

Starting again

It has not been possible to convert the in situ points to ‘DCC friendly’ and attempts to do so resulted in damage to either the tiebar or the frogs.  Thus I have removed the points, which you may find alarming. 

However this does actually give me an opportunity to tidy up some non-standard wiring from the days when Rhyd Ddu was to be DC powered (note the blue wire above which was provided to isolate the siding – unneccessary in DCC so it can be removed), and also to put right some rather large track gaps.
I have also shortened the long siding (headshunt) to be closer to reality.  However in reality the railway has yet to extend this headshunt as I expected they would.

Points are on their way, the hoffs are on their way.  Now its time to buy an accessory decoder…
My plan is to get all this in and tested asap and I want to prove everything electrically and in terms of running before I paint and ballast the new track.

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stephen said...

I ripped out and reinstated some ballasted turnouts on Fairlight before it met it's end - it is a slightly frightening process but very doable.

We've just booked our summer holiday at a cottage in Rhyd-Ddu village. Looking forward to seeing how the real thing measures up to yours!