Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The line-up

For the first time I was able this weekend to line up all my WHR Garratts.  In various stages of build here we see (from top) K1, 109, 143, 138, 87.
I have brought K1 back as Dad has not had time to work on the valve gear, so I’m going to have a go.  I built the body.
143 is materially complete, just needing varnish, a decoder, a driver etc
109 will wait for the launch of 109 next year.  The body was bought off ebay in this condition.  This has the chassis units I started off (wheels in etc) when they were to be used for 87.
87’s body is nearly there and I’ve left the two chassis with Dad to try and get them working – these were bought recently off ebay along with the body that will be 109.
138 is pretty much there and just awaits details on pipe runs etc once she is outshopped in red later this year.

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