Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wired up and ready to go

The 5 new points have had wires attached to the undersides of the rails and are ready to be reassembled onto the layout.  I ran out of blue wire towards the end!  I decided on wire that will be linked under the boards as any other method (like bridging the gap with strip) makes it harder for the blades to bend properly and may result in gauging problems. 
So now it’s time to get the yard board out again and rewire this section.  Then I’ll be installing the hoffs, which still need piano wire but I am hoping to get some advice on the correct size to go for before I order the wire up.  It looks like a max size of about 0.8mm would work as although the 1mm is wide enough to fit the slot, it protrudes too much and the red plastic piece struggles to retain the wire.  0.6mm fits nicely but is a bit springy.

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