Monday, February 01, 2010

Points strategy

My strategy will now be as follows:

1) Attempt to remove the springs from the existing peco points and replace the rail joiner hinge with an insulated one as per an idea by Tony S on rmweb.  I will then link together the stock rail and point blades to sort out this issue with shorting.  A small amount of reballasting and repainting of rails will be necessary.

2) In time replace the peco solenoid motors with fulgurex slow motion types and reprogram my DCC30 accessory decoder (gaugemaster) for latching point motors).  This also needs some resistors adding.  Furthermore I have emailed gaugemaster to understand whether I can use their accessory decoder I have to operate two fulgurex’s together on one output – the yard and yard headshunt points which always act together.  I will be ordering a fulgurex today to understand how it works.

Thanks for all the comments people, very helpful.  One of the beauties of this blog is access to other people’s thoughts and ideas – cheers.

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