Monday, February 08, 2010

More thoughts on layout lighting

Another trip to IKEA at the weekend and I found this.  It’s LAGRA and it’s a desk lamp.  However if you don’t attach the base it looks like the image above.
The bottom has a small grub screw to attach it to its base, but it struck me that if you could find some tubing slightly larger in diameter and you drill a hole through it, the grub screw could be used to secure this lamp to a support.  The arm would then bring it over the layout and the lamp itself also has the ability to be repositioned.  I reckon I'd need two per board.
and the price. well that’s the beauty(bulb extra) but £2.99!

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Michael Campbell said...

Bargain! I've found the 25W Ikea spot bulbs have a rather narrow beam though, not ideal for lighting layouts as they result in puddles of light. So you might need a lot to get coverage, some flourescents as well, or find some better bulbs?