Friday, February 05, 2010

More on Hoffmanns
I think these are going to be the answer, but with a new accessory decoder required too.  Probably an LS150 (6 output). 

I tried the hoffmann with the gaugemaster DCC30 last night but it didn’t work.  I also prefer the LS150 as it is covered and has those 6 outputs, rather than just the 4 of the DCC30.  It looks altogether better built too.  Images below.  A friend has already used this to power hoffmanns with no alterations or extra components required – easy, as it should be.

I should also mention that despite setting the DCC30 output to its maximum (127) it still didn't have enough ummph to throw 2 solenoids at once.  The addition of a CDU might help this, but given the above it's time to move on past this peco/DCC30 combination.


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