Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Further complications

Gaugemaster now tell me that the DCC30 accessory decoder that I have cannot power fulgurex motors as they require too much current.  A DCC31 may be about to be launched that will do that job.  ah.

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Michael Campbell said...

Sorry if I missed something, but why replace the motors at all? I've not heard of Peco points falling apart when used with selonoid motors, despite knowing many people having used them. Unless you think modifying them will weaken them.

Also if you find them sluggish to change, can you not wire a CDU in? I have one that can throw up to 6 points at once - I used to use it to throw up to 4 through a diode matrix, and it worked. You could even make up a simple CDU from a rectifier and a capacitor.

Otherwise I can see thing getting expensive and time consuming, and I am not sure what the benefit will be! Yes I know slow-action points look better and all that...