Monday, February 01, 2010

Other point motor types

With thanks to Michael Campbell, my attention has been drawn to three more types of point motors:

1) Fulgurex see and for instructions see

These are a much better cost that tortoise and also much lower profile (30mm).  They can have 2 or more aux switches and the only issues are apparently noise (not a huge issue for me) and the fact that they are hard to alter later (but I hope to get them installed correctly first time and would probably glue them in with epoxy for strength and a bit of alteration time whilst drying.

2) Conrad see and search for point mechanism -
people say these are cheap versions of the below.  They only have the single switch and people say avoid them on reliability grounds.

3) Hoffmann see

as 2, they only have one switch and are about as expensive as tortoises.  Fulgurex still my favourite.

So, to change or not...


Paul Holmes said...

Hi Colin I have used the Hoffmann on Dinas but bought from somewhere in Germany (much cheaper even with the exchange rate. The Type 2 is cheaper athen the mARK £ (which is the only one F&S now stock) and is much more DCC friendly than the Tortoise as it does not need continuous current. look at Digitrax accessory decoders though - very small like a loco decoder and switch 4 points. You can assign 2 points the same decoder function number and then they will both switch together.

Nick B said...

Do you remember where in Germany? I need some but baulk at F&S prices.

Nick B said...

Do you remebre where in Germany? I need some more but baulk at F&S prices.