Friday, August 06, 2010

499th post and a new look

In preparation for the 500th blog post on this site (tomorrow?), I have updated the blog design to the new blogger standards.  Main changes are:
- New header image, 143 approaching Rhyd Ddu
- Blogroll removed and replaced by an enlarged links section
- New pages regarding suppliers and the description I have written for expoNG
- Wider text column for posts
- New share buttons - send my posts to facebook, twitter, email them etc

The only thing I can't yet get right is setting the images at the very bottom of the blog (ads fior the railways) and the countdown ticker to align in the middle of their boxes.  I probably need to alter the HTML, but wouldn't know where to start!


MCD said...

Smart, and interesting as ever, but white on black is quite difficult to read.
You're making good progress ahead of ExpoNG - keep it up!

Steve said...

If you can edit the CSS, adding this should do the trick:

div.footer-inner {
margin: 0 auto;
min-width: 750px;
width: 750px;

Colin Lea said...

thanks steve but where in the code should I post it?

Colin Lea said...

Thanks MCD, will investigate alternative backgrounds. good point.

Colin Lea said...

new new look now with less black!
also sorted the alignment problems.

thanks guys.