Monday, August 23, 2010

Some titbits

Found an error in the SAR brake which I had not noticed before – one side is etched correctly, the other has three blocks of windows that now don’t exist and one extra window to be added.  Here we see the three blocked up with filler after a plasticard section was added behind (final sanding required before its finished) and the new window filed square from three small holes made into one blob with a piercing saw. 


The post today brought some fun: copper wire of varying diameters for loco detailing and…


washout plugs for the NGG16s:


The peco mainline points have been attended to for DCC friendliness:


and some filler added to the primed roof of Vale to hide the blocked up holes better.


Finally Dolgarrog was finished (although some light weathering will be applied too when the airbrush is out):

P1090818 P1090819 P1090820

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