Tuesday, August 31, 2010

News update from the south

Visited the southern works yesterday and have much to report:

Castell Caernarfon has come on very well and just needs a few details like the upstand handrails, vac pipes and lights adding.  cool eh.

P1090904 P1090905

138 has also had a lot of extra detailing added, especially to the smokebox saddle and tanks.  The headlights look superb (amended versions from the 140 kit I just bought) and I’m really pleased with the oil tank representation and the steam pipe covers which look great.  A bit more to do, but this loco should easily be ready for expong.

P1090907 P1090908 P1090910 P1090911 P1090912

I left Dad with the 14 washout plugs to install too! 

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