Monday, August 16, 2010

and here is 140


Hotfooting from North America, here is NGG16 No. 140.  She will stay in the box until the real 140 appears, or if that appears unlikely and 143 gets a repaint (soup orange or green?) then I might outshop her as an alternative 143). 

A quick rundown after an initial look reveals:

- all valve gear riveted together and stored safe

- both tanks constructed with rivets filed off, oil tank for rear bunker

- body partially complete including boiler bands

- mars headlights included

- one bogie complete except for valve gear, but motor installed, gears working.  but two wheels are loose on their axles – the curse of the dreaded plastic centred wheels continues!  The other bogie is not started, but the cranks have had their pins installed and all 4 sets of pony trucks have been assembled

- all other details present

So, my NGG16 roster (not all for expong!) is as follows:

143, black with welded tanks

138, red with welded tanks

87 – blue with rivetted tanks

109 – lined black with welded tanks

140 – red??? with welded tanks

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