Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Digging it all up (again)


Firstly, I spent a while last night drilling 1.3mm holes (12 in all) into 87’s boiler for washout plugs – here is one shown test installed.  Also attached were steps on the other side plus the large ejector casting ready for the pipework. 

Then I got on with the job of stripping out the pointwork on the yard board (for the second time) and looking at how to arrange the new, longer, different angle turnouts.  There is good news – no need to change any of the board joins, but of course all the holes for the point machines are in the wrong place!

P1090824  P1090826 P1090827

and from the southern works, 138 is making good progress, here the tanks are basically finished.  Lubricators are to be added (once markits have delivered them), but otherwise they are done.

138 build progress 003 138 build progress 004

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