Monday, August 02, 2010

J'adore la tortue

yes, I love the tortoise!

Finally got round to testing the new tortoise with the new peco point today.  Firstly nothing moved, then I realised that the peco spring was the problem - remove that and happy days!

The question now is do I have the time, money and inclination to dig up the other 4 points and relay them with the new peco points and tortoises. 


Hmmm, what can I sell....?


Graham said...

Excellent work as always and a rate of modelling that I can only aspire to (even if I didn't take 2 year breaks!).

Now that I've made the switch to DCC I've been reading about people having issues throwing frog polarity using Tortoises. Have you found this a problem or are you doing it a different way?

Colin Lea said...

Hi Graham,

good to see you blogging again.

I have yet to test the polarity switching but I understand it's only momentary shorts that can occur. I'm also certain to have wired up the polarikty the wrong way around too!