Friday, August 06, 2010

CaCa (Kaka?)

So the 500th post comes early as Dad has reported progress on Castell Caernarfon (CaCa).  It certainly is living up to the nickname, like the footballer!  The yellow stripes are not finished - you can still see the pencil guide lines and they need to be more of a golden colour – this will be done on the second coat.  The silver and black bits round the cab windows are very fine and the larger than life photos show all the missing bits (!) – they will be touched up later.  The nameplates are now painted red too but they are too small to photograph. 

In other news 138's power bogies, including the footplate/buffer beam pieces, backhead and pony trucks have all been cleaned and de-greased ready for primer.

I’m mighty pleased!  The model definitely captures the look of the real thing!

WHR Funkey 002  WHR Funkey 005WHR Funkey 006 WHR Funkey 007 WHR Funkey 008 WHR Funkey 009

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