Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cars, ospreys, vaseline and the wrong size bolts

Well I'm not likely to repeat this title!


No progress last night, but tonight I managed the following:

- The purchase at ASDA of a number of dinky cars that looked close to 4mm scale. I made the purchase in the knowledge that Thomas would be able to play with them once he's a little older anyway. They were 44p each or £1.90 for 5!!! I then compared their length with the length of the actual thing on the web. Unfortunately some were as far out as 4 feet! But the Land Rover was more of less spot on, so that will look right on the layout and I'll use it. An image of the cars is below, with a tin of vaseline lip salve for scale (didn't have any coins to hand) and a cheeky Osprey looking on. Incidentally click on this link for more info on the Glaslyn Ospreys at Pont Croesor.
- I cut a pine leg for the 2ft square board corner, where trestles can't reach and drilled two 6mm holes for the M6 bolts. I then picked up the bolts and realised I had bought M5! Thus they will have to be changed tomorrow.
- I then started laying out the track on the 2ft board and hope to complete this tomorrow, whereupon the 2ft board can be put back alongside the rest of the boards, clamped and drilled for the M10 connector bolts (yes they are M10 - I checked again just to be sure!).
- Finally, I made up the 5 slate wagons, but just need to add the brake handles on a couple of them tomorrow. 3 of the 5 will be unbraked, which fits the pattern of the prototype.

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