Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Spring miscellany

Hi all,

Some good progress again tonight:

- from somewhere, I happened upon a bracket, which completes the set I needed and means I don't have to buy any more! All the U shaped pieces that sit on top of the trestles are thus done! [image of all 10 below]

- The front (70mm high pine) of the first hidden sidings board was cut and a batten of 34mm pine was attached, creating a shelf for the hardboard to sit on. Then I completed the sides, cut two pieces of plywood (2" and 10") and nailed on top of the sides. Thus a 3-sided frame with plywood tops at the sides was completed (the 2" section is the connecting section between traverser and first layout board and the 10" will hold a series of spurs for locos on the other side of the traverser) . The 34mm pine sides for the traverser were cut and two struts to support the hardboard base were cut too (these won't be attached yet, as they would be too flimsy).

-3 ex film canisters were donated by Claire's mum for ballasting [image below if you've forgotten what they look like now we all use digital cameras!]. They will hold a perfect amount of ballast for quickly scattering it on the track.

- There now follow some images of other miscellaneous stuff that I have posted about, but not added images due to either digital camera issues (a replacement has apparently been dispatched!) or lack of time... Firstly, trestles, done and ready...

My new tool box - only the best! It used to hold a magnum of champagne!

The completed 2ft square board that sits between the layout and hidden sidings...

The NETTO nail gun!

The buffet car 103 - my latest and best soldering project

The saviour soldering iron tip cleaner/tinner.

A box of N gauge track that will be used in hidden areas of the layout.

Our front door - Azalea in full colour and a lovely display given to Claire on her birthday by her sister Rachel.


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