Monday, April 23, 2007

M6 - but I'm not talking motorways!


Quick update:

- Got the M6 bolts an wing nuts (for securing the single legs in corners where trestles can't reach) from B+Q plus a sheet each of 9mm and 6mm ply. The 9mm is needed for the strips on the hidden sidings plus a new piece (thought of today during a boring bit of the board meeting) which will fit on the inside of the 90 degree turn at the north end of the station. This will facilitate the backscene wigglying around the corner without a 90 degree angle in the landscape. Instead it will allow for a smooth curved backscene.

- I marked and cut out the hole in the 2ft square board with the jigsaw. Then I marked out the path of the track, using the normal method of a combination of 18", 15" and 12" curves to create transitions and cut out and glued down cork underlay ready for the track.

- In a piece of amazing skill, Claire happened upon a jiffy bag whilst clearing out the downstairs cupboard. The contents...? Only 5 kits for Ffestiniog Railway 2 ton slate wagons! Cool, I'd forgotten I even had them. So I started cutting out the pieces ready...

No images today - it's really wet outside and I don't fancy leaving this comfy sofa!


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