Sunday, April 15, 2007

Glaslyn Junction's first outing


Firstly some progress to report on Rhyd Ddu:

- all the U shaped trestle tops were completed, bar the one I need to get another bracket for (a two min job sometime).
- the next stage wood was collected [are B+Q staff starting to recognise me???] - 9mm ply sheet plus 2 x 6mm ply sheets.
- the design of the hidden sidings was finalised on paper, now to build them!

This weekend, however, was mainly about Dad's layout's first exhibition - featured on an earlier post here -

As you can see, the layout has come on leaps and bounds, particularly the river (I retrieved those rocks for Dad direct from the River Glaslyn - so they're kosher!) and the houses/trees at the back middle.



Leslie said...


Can we have a plan of the layout, just a sketch will do, to refer to all the elements you describe.

I'm lost...


Colin Lea said...

which layout? Rhyd Ddu plan available here

Glaslyn Junction plan - not sure there is one yet.

Leslie said...

Sorry yes I meant Rhyd Ddu. I'd forgotten the sketch there. I take it HS1 & HS2 are the hidden sidings? (Me Sherlock!)