Saturday, April 21, 2007

Make a house a home - Homebase gets a look in!


Progress today:

- Both hidden sidings boards had their hardboard bases cut and installed, with HS1 having the white base replaced with a shiny new one (see yesterday's post for explanation). HS2 had its struts nailed in after a trip to homebase for more nails (the B+Q monopoly has been broken!) and all that remains to do on th hidden sidings for the moment is to measure, cut and attach the 2 inch or so pieces, once they have been properly measured with the traversers in place and then fit backing pieces of 6mm ply. The hardboard bottoms for the traversers were cut out ready for tacking in place tomorrow, with the white hardboard sections removed from traverser 1.

- The 2ft square board between the station and hidden sidings had its three sides cut out of 6mm ply and attached. Then four small pieces of wood were glued on in the corners (see image below with clamps in place) ready to take the ply top.

- The M10 bolts arrived and some washers were purchased from homebase. However, the garage remains pretty messy, as I need to complete the roof and the hole for trains in the 2ft square board, the hardboard bottoms to the traversers and the 6mm ply backs to the hidden sidings boards before I can rearrange the garage and put the layout up in its new position. Only then can the necessary holes be drilled and the bolts utilised. So my 'Just in Time' system has already come undone! Oh well.

- The plan ahead is that by the end of next week the layout will be up, in its entirety and ready for the next phase - wiring and scenic formers.


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