Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My nail gun isn't good upside down - would it work in Australia?

Hi all,

Further progress on the first hidden sidings board today. Firstly B+Q once again got some of my hard earned cash for more wood (where does it all go?).

Having worked out that a five siding traverser would fit on a 1 foot wide board with some ease, I realised that the bottom side could be 70mm pine like the other three (was concerned that the traverser might need to swing over the top of the edge slightly, and thus would have to be 34mm pine, but that is now not an issue). Then the hardboard was nailed in place and two struts underneath were attached. I have discovered that 2 further struts will be required to keep the hardboard from distorting. That will be achieved tomorrow. Progress shown below from replacement digital camera (hooray -that's sorted!). The struts in th photo are the sides of the traverser. The top (3ft long) will be cut out tomorrow, a 2ft offcut is sat on top for testing purposes...

Then I tried using the nail gun upside down to attach the plywood sections in the now lowered back (car park) section. This met with mixed results and I have given up this for now, until I can take the boards apart and nail them in with the gun the right way up. This won't be long, because once both hidden sidings are done, I need to reposition the layout in the garage anyway.

I also drew a diagram of the layout, following a comment on this blog a couple of days ago. This will be posted tomorrow.


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