Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sisal and Jute

Does it need a funny title? Not with those names!

Sisal is the green twine-like stuff and jute is more natural coloured (beige) stuff which are used in various garden applications most notably in hanging basket liners:

It is certainly thin enough and teasable (is that a word?) as well as relatively cheap. It does however come off the roll a bit too easily and needs some clever way of sticking it down (hair spray?).

At Cromford Garden Centre, which we visited a few weeks ago, they actually had this stuff on a roll, so I was able to take a very small sample from one corner to check whether it could be stuck down or not. If not, this stuff would get everywhere, not least wound around axles!

By the way, this garden centre is absolutely shocking and seemed to be on the verge of closure, the plants were poor, stock had mostly started to fade in sunlight and it was generally on its last legs!

I'll report back on whether it can be properly stuck down soon, but for the moment I'm only proposing to use it on top of the auhagen base....


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