Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why you should give up breakfast cereals...


Sisal and Jute will have to wait for tomorrow's post...

Some more progress today:

- Bought 4 more 44mm battens from B+Q and cut one into two 3ft lengths, before having to stop due to the sawing in the garage causing a likelihood of waking Thomas.

- Bought 4 A4 sheets of plasticard ready for glueing (likely uhu I suspect) to the plywood in the new lower-level sections.

- Worked out, after many attempts, how to load th new netto nail gun with nails!

- Cut up 6 weetos boxes into strips, ready for use building hills! Which got me thinking:

We get through 6 boxes of weetos in 3 months (and I often don't have them for breakfast). If I did have them, then the likely usage of weetos would increase by 80% (as some days I do have them anyway). Thus 24 boxes a year of current consumption becomes 43 boxes at £2.09 or £89.87 a year.

So....the moral of today's post is that if you give up weetos, you can afford to buy a new backwoods kit! I fancy a 'Taliesin' next! But then I wouldn't be able to cut the old boxes up for scenic purposes. ummmmm


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