Thursday, April 19, 2007

Will the entire garage be covered in sawdust soon?

Hi all,

Well, here we have traverser! The extra struts were cut and attached and then the traverser itself was built. The gap between the traverser and board is marginally more than I would like (3mm) and is down to the tolerance of my jigsaw blade! Thus the 2" piece may require redoing, but that won't take long.

In cutting out the top of the traverser, I also created the other traverser top (the other half of the plywood sheet!). It was labelled 'do not rob' - a reference to notices often attached to diesel locos that have been saved for preservation and thus are not to be 'robbed' (of parts).

The underneath of the traverser is seen below with its hardboard shiny 'pads', allowing it to slide easily over the hardboard base.

The next job, after redoing the 2" bit, is to start on traverser board 2, much easier job now I have built one and then to reposition the whole layout in the garage to allow all the boards to be joined (ten M10 bolts were purchased off ebay today for that purpose). In moving the boards around, I will then also be able to sort the sunken car park sections which taxed the nail gun (upside down) yesterday.


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