Sunday, April 22, 2007

Taking over the garage


The following tasks were completed today:

- Nailing the sides of the 2ft square board together and cutting the top ready, which will be attached when the track has been laid.
- Cutting and attaching the side and end of the far hidden sidings board
- Rejigging the garage and the putting up of all boards bar one (the second hidden sidings). It would be possible to put the whole layout up in the garage (and close the door), but the racking at the back of the garage would have to be moved and at the minute I'm not sure I can be bothered to move it all again!
- Glueing the shiny hardboard bottoms to the traversers, after cutting them.
- Drilling an initial pilot hole for the track through the side piece of the 2 foot square board.

The next major job is to drill and attach all the M10 bolts, then jigsaw the hole in the 2ft square board and glue down the cork, ready to take the track.

I also now need to research what other layouts do when the scenery is in parts as high as the backscene elsewhere on the layout - no backscene, or does it rise with the scenery and always have say 6 inches of sky? Then I also need to decide on a method for keeping the traverser in line, such as bulldog clips, brass catches or something else...



Leslie said...

So the 2ft sq is also hidden, yes?

Colin Lea said...

yes, as it the curve to the east is not prototypical, but necessary so it fits in the garage!

Leslie said...


I guess you could place a full size board between the station and the 2ft board and/or HS1 in the future if you extended your garage(!) or were planning to take the layout to shows. I reckon 300' of the straight(ish) bit toward Pitt's Head would look very nice.