Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Castell Caernarfon update

Tonight (as promised) the footsteps (6 in all) were soldered on, a somewhat fiddly affair frankly, but it's done now. Also the handrail loops for the footsteps were fabricated using the natty Bedford bending jig and these are stored ready - drilling of 0.5mm holes for them is required first before these can be added.

I painted and loaded up 5 FR ballast waggons and one FR 2 ton slate, cos they needed doing and I also dug out the instructions for Taliesin and made a start cleaning up the final components ready for work to resume on this asap.

Now it's time for bed.



Iain Robinson said...

Would you like to work for me? I reckon at your work rate you could turn my business around! Seriously though, you are getting loads of progress made, more power to your (modelling) elbow!

Colin Lea said...

thanks. it's brilliant having a permanent modelling table with all my tools ready to go. also I have a very understanding wife!