Tuesday, October 06, 2009

NGG16 progress

What does an NGG16 look like without its tanks??

The 'new' tanks for 138 are approaching completion, seen here after the sand boxes were added. Since this was taken the filler cap on the front tank has also been added.

So, I thought it was time to remove the tanks from the black Garratt and test fit my new ones (which are actually going on the model in Cheltenham, the tanks from that are to be painted black and will go on this model).

I also continued work on the rest of No. 87, adding the 12 bearings to the frames as below and adding the valances to the running boards of both bogies.

Now that I've got the tanks off that will be No. 87s I've had a chance to consider what changes will be necessary. The bunker is frankly identical, with just a few rivets to remove (if I can be that bothered).
In other news, the bunker has already appeared painted - see this link.
The front tank has however put the cat amongst the pigeons.... compare this from 138 with this from 87! The side facing the smokebox is totally different. arrrggghhhh!!! Not sure yet what can be done as it i so different. I will probably just have to make something up that approximates it, but it's an unwelcome surprise!

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