Tuesday, October 13, 2009

and more...

More progress:
  • The smokebox saddle and riveted flanges above them are now in place
  • Both motors have had their trailing ends cut off using a cutting disc
  • The 2mm axles for the gearboxes have been cut to length
  • The roof has had its hatch soldered on and small microstrip pieces added to represent the rails it runs along
  • The whistle has been added after much drilling into the boiler
  • All the nickel silver valve gear parts have been cut from their fret
  • The cab and smokebox have been securely soldered onto the cradle, whereas previously it was just the back of the cab fixed on.
  • I have tested whether there is room for a small flywheel and found there is not
  • I am considering investing the proceeds from the sale of Nant Gwernol into a digital sound chip for the Funkey. I need to find a good approximation for the horn...any ideas from standard gauge engines???

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