Friday, October 02, 2009

General update

I've not made much progress on the layout recently due to being away with work a lot, but some minor progress can be reported:
  • The water tanks have had three coats of red paint. They may need another, but are close now.
  • The pipes for each tank have been delivered by knightwing, these were cut to length, cleaned and joined together. I just need to check the distances on the baseboards (i.e. so the pipe sits above the middle of the track) before painting these.
  • The new tanks for 138 have been cut out of the frets and work has begun e.g. the water tank has had its rivets removed and its side holes altered to fit the reality.
  • An FR oil tanker (in a bizarre and random piece of work - don't ask) had its bogies changed for a better balanced variety. This has made it far less top heavy.
  • I have been investigating how best to create rust - does anyone know of a UK supplier of rustall?
  • 2 bocoals have been painted base green and await their black banding and weathering.
  • I have resoldered the wiring between pickups and motor on a minitrix 0-6-0 chassis I now no longer require. This runs fine. If you need such a chassis (good for WHR 4415 and others) let me know. Else it's going on ebay. Post post note: it's on ebay now

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