Monday, October 05, 2009

Tanks update

Here are the two tanks I have nearly completed. Annealing the front tank wrapper was fun on the electric hob(!) and they have gone together well. Next are the final details and then they are ready to be swapped... These tanks will go on 138, which is in Cheltenham. Those tanks will go on my black (143) one here and then those that were on 143 will be altered to go on 87.

I have also started cutting out the main parts for 87, including looking at the cab to see if I can cut it down. Looks like it should be ok, the window will have to be blanked out and there is a tab that goes through the footplate...which is annoying but will have to stay in that position.


1 comment:

steamartist said...

would you like the tanks removed from 138 ready for you?