Friday, October 23, 2009

'won' on ebay

Recently ebay has been a bit of a joke with 009 items - far too often hugely inflated prices are paid for items. However I'm pretty pleased with these two:


You may note that neither has a chassis(!), but this should not be a major issue.

For Linda, I will use the outside frames it sports to fabricate some similar ones for Blanche, and after considering how good the tender motor might be, I will then probably get a bullant with extended axles and use meridian flycranks. I will however need the rods and valve gear, but I think parkside will supply these for a small charge.

Beddgelert is more interesting, I have a mostly complete but not painted kit. I will reuse that chassis and sell the body. Buying this puts me ahead with my painting backlog. I may also convert the minitrix 2-6-2 to outside frames to take account of the frames, cylinders and hornblocks present on this example.


Tom said...

Rather than faff with the Minitrix for Beddgelert to convert to outside frames, why not make use of the Farish 08? It's pretty accurate for the loco and i've tested one, it fits with plenty of room to spare.

Colin Lea said...

sounds interesting. any idea how I would add the connecting rods?

Tom said...

You could just file them to shape from some brass strip. That's what I was planning on doing for my model of Beddgelert, you might even be able to get some small free offcut brass and nickel silver from the Worsley Works stand at ExpoNG if you are coming?

Colin Lea said...

rods are no problem I agree, but how to attach to the axles? I guess we're talking of requiring new crankpins?