Monday, October 26, 2009


Today I have:

- Started adding chassis details to Upnor Castle, as the kit contains nothing below the running plate.
- Added recessed doors for Conway Castle from plasticard - the kit is of the earlier form of Conway which has doors flush with the body sides.
- Sprayed the roof and front tank of 143 satin black.
- Corrected a slight error with one of the legs of the water tank at the Waunfawr end of the layout.
- Removed the chimney and drilled a 2mm hole (to be widened to 3.6mm later) through it in order to prepare for the installation in NGG16 No. 87 of a seuthe smoke generator, to be powered via a decoder aux function. More info here (by the way gaugemaster is my mail order supplier of choice given their excellent postage policy). The seuthe 21 is just 3.5mm wide and 24mm high and so it fits in the NGG16 smokebox (just). However I will have to remove the smokebox door to install it - one step forward, one back. To see one in action check out this video.
- Cut off the trailing shaft on the replacement mashima motor and installed the worm. I tested it at every stage and this time, no mishaps!
- Purchased the new DVD on weathering available here.


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