Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NGG16 No. 87 update

No images today, but more progress:
  • The cab side handrails and smokebox door wheel were added
  • The gearboxes have had their bearings installed and have been bent to shape and tested for binding. The 20T gears have had their moulded sections removed as per the instructions. Next I need to cut the 2mm shaft to length, but I have run out of cutting discs!
  • All 4 pony trucks were bent to shape and soldered (however I bent two of them the wrong way and on trying to correct this one snapped off. After 30 mins of messing about I decided to add a new piece of brass as a strengthener and I think I have retrieved the situation). These then had the cosmetic bearings and fronts added.
  • The cab roof had extra filler added and two pieces of plastic microstrip to represent the cab roof ventilator sliding bars.
  • The front tank has two extra pieces of microstrip added to represent the wooden tank top boards as per the prototype.
  • The two smokebox supports had their cutouts filled in (as per the prototype) and are ready for installation.


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