Monday, October 12, 2009


Dad came over on Sunday and we swapped tanks. 143 thus now looks a bit like this. Its roof is also being modified and the sun visors have been removed. One issue remains - how to fix the front tank, as the tabs broke off (long ago when Dad was constructing it) and I may need to recreate these with L shaped pieces drilled to accept the captive nuts. The tank top detail on the front tank has also been added.

On No. 87 the firebox wrapper was annealed, bent and soldered on. After that the boiler was joined to the cab and the lower firebox and then that assembly was joined to the cradle. I have also drilled out and fixed the chimney, dome, safety valves, turbogenerator etc.

12 tiny flycranks were cut out of their frets (using a piercing saw), cleaned up, tapped to 14BA and crankpins have been screwed in. Also the wheels have been pushed onto their axles, although I have stupidly done them all, when one axles needs to be part of the gearbox. That wheel will have to come off again, but I think this will be ok.

The tanks I created have gone to Cheltenham with Dad and will become NGG16 No. 138 in red, lined with straw and black.

Oh and Nant Gwernol's sold.


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