Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good and Bad

Good: Work last night consisted of creating two new tabs for the front tank, adding captive nuts and then accurately soldering these onto the tank. This has been completed and now means that this tank will be removable to access the motor etc rather than soldered to its running plate.

Bad: I then started playing around with the gearboxes and added the worms to the motors. Unfortunately on testing the motors I found one to be dead. Stupidly I didn't test them before starting work so I may have killed it during worm installation or when cutting off the trailing shaft. I have thus ordered a new one.

I have also decided to complete taliesin's chassis before attempting the much harder ngg16. However there is still much pipework to be done on the ngg16 body and this will keep me busy anyway!

I also need to get nant gwernol ready for handover to its new owner and also to rearrange the garage as we are moving house soon.


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Alastair said...

The motor issue might not be as bad as you think.

A similar thing happened to me when assembling my NG16, after fitting the worm using a vice the motor appeared dead. I'm not sure what happened inside the motor but I think the shaft moved slightly. A few turns of the shaft by hand and it started up again and works fine now. Someone who understands the electronics inside might be better qualified to explain...

Not quite sure how to prevent this happening but the other motor was fine and I used exactly the same technique, i.e. worm on one jaw of the vice then slowly closed the other against the motor shaft, ensuring everything is straight all the time.

Your progress with #87 is very admirable, its taken me months to get to the position your are in!