Monday, October 05, 2009

Wht's left to do?

I keep getting enquiries and comments from people asking when the layout will be ready...

Well the layout is supposed to be (as defined by me in 2005) "a snapshot of the WHR when the full line opens to Porthmadog in 2009."

However, we know that didn't happen, and it may well be 2011 before it is opened all the way to Port...

So, do I freeze time at 2009 and only model what is now, do I wait until 2011, or do I ensure the best of all worlds and utilise 'modeller's licence'? It will probably be the latter, whilst trying to keep all trains on the layout at any moment consistent with each other.

That then brings another problem, for example Pullman 2115 which is currently in Pullman brown/cream livery, but this winter it will be overhauled and repainted to match the blackberry black observation saloon. I can't bring myself to have multiple versions of the same model, so I'll have to choose.

So, what is there left to do?
  • Electrics - minor work to add the final wires taking the bus bars back to the controller base station and to allow for an extension wire around the layout to the second handheld controller. So, basically complete.
  • Lighting - a major area that is not complete, I have in stock a load of ikea spots, I just don't have the framework for their support or even a design for the framework yet. I would also like to avoid the 'multiple suns' problem that comes from many spots pointing in different directions.
  • Backscene - test prints of this should be done in the next week or so. May not be the problem I first thought.
  • Baseboards - the yard board needs finishing works, e.g. sleeper grime etc adding. Work is still required to sort out baseboard joins, although this is underway with all bits necessary in stock.
  • Scenics - work left is minor, mainly being fine detail such as signs. The water tanks are mostly complete, although the wire strapping for their legs has yet to be completed.
  • Carriages - the first batch are in the paint shop, but glazing, door handles, transfers, couplings and ride height checking will still be required. A long job and one where prioritisation is key.
  • Locos - After this winter I should have two NGG16s and K1 ready with another NGG16 (No. 87) close to finish. The two funkeys should be ready as should Upnor and Conway Castles. These are the core stock.
  • Fiddle yards - these need a bit of work to sort the alignments between the traverser and running lines, but the traversers themselves are ready.
  • Curtains - fabric in stock, requires a full set up of the layout in order to measure exact lengths. I also need some sew-on velcro.

A realistic date for first exhibition? In a rush I could probably make it for the Spring, but Summer 2010 is probably realistic.


Andy in Germany said...

Sirrah, you arre a nasty man- taunting us all with your lighting fast progress and high standards when I (to pick a random example) have barely managed to complete a box-file layout. Pshaw!

BTW I just found your pics of Nant Gewrnol? How is that one going?

Andy from Railway Misadventures Blogger won't let me post with my OpenID

Colin Lea said...

high standards? well, we'll wait and see...this is no masterpiece I assure you! Plenty of mistakes in there!

steamartist said...

Slow progress on carriage painting front - weights refixed to Combination Car floor and resprayed grey primer. Also WHR obs 2100 + FR obs car given 2nd coat of grey primer and floors sprayed Satin Black.