Friday, October 09, 2009

More NGG16 progress

The first of the two engine units has had its bearings filed down and other details added. The cab rood has had the ventilators filled as these are not present on the WHR locos.

The buffer beams have had their cow (sheep!) catchers added, a very fiddly job. The pivots were also added, including two 12BA captive nuts and and the fallplate was also soldered on.

and the cab has moved forward with the fitting of the ashpan and its tiny doors plus the assembly of the backhead.

On the tanks for 138, further fittings have been added and the tank top details for the front tank are now being attended to. I have also noted a difference in the rear of the bunker (no coal chute, but a wider opening instead which I need to sort. These should be ready for the family visit on Sunday, so I can swap these tanks with Dad (who has 143's tanks).


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