Monday, October 02, 2006

At the end of the pier(s)

All 6 piers completed today, screwed in place and the track bed attached with nails. UB114 piers also sorted to the correct height. These just need to be glued in place now (but still awaits the polyfilla to be completely dry). Claire finished cutting up the weetos boxes into strips for the scenic base. Then the 2 x 9mm ply section of the next board was jigsawed out. This now needs to be filed down at one end to create the down gradient to baseboard level again...but that's for tomorrow...

Slightly worried about a bit of superelevation that has presented itself on one of the curves, but it's not too bad and could be sorted by packing the pier (now) or packing the track (later). Not too bad though so it might be ok, will try it with a train asap. There is also a decent gradient coming out of the hidden rises 10mm in 400mm i.e. 1 in 40! which just happens to be the max gradient of the real railway!


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