Saturday, October 21, 2006

tanks, but no tanks (yet)

Above is the Port end water tower, which is unusual in that the long stock (or KMX tamper) siding runs beneath it. Today I placed the bases of this water tower and tacked all the track in the yard down. The tank will comelater (scratchbuilt) I cut the rails across the board joins and glued down the copper strip sleepers ready for soldering... I also started to consider exactly what parts of the car park will need modelling and to plan for where they fall on the baseboards.

I also received some excellent news from a WHR e-group member a spot height from the top of the Fridd Isaf rocks! [see post yesterday, when I had thought this was impossible]

Tomorrow is the Wirksworth show, so will be there hunting for bargains!

Summary of the future plan:

End Oct - installation of all track, point motors and tidying up of all cork edges around track

Nov-Jan - complete paper wiring plans plus complete control panel (can be done indoors during the cold months, rather than the garage)

Feb-Mar - complete base scenery formers, newspaper, cardboard straps and modroc.

Easter - visit Rhyd Ddu to complete scenic research

early Summer - complete the rest of the board wiring and start scenery.



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