Thursday, October 19, 2006

Turnout nice again!

Or 'turned out nice again' the classic George Formbyism... With a bit of help from Dad, I laid out the yard today to test the likely layout without nailing it down completely.... The promised images are below...

Also today some excellent LEDs arrived from Hong Kong (via ebay). They came in a kit with resistors, shrouds and steel surrounds. This has mean't a step forward for the control panel and extra planning was done today on this. See below for an image:

The LEDs will be used to denote whether track is switched to controller A or B, or indeed off. The final piece of the jigsaw is below:

and this is how it works:

A point position indicator board from heathcote; it remembers the position of the points and displays this via LEDs. Each board powers 4 points; but I have 5! However, two of my points work together at the entry to the yard and so I'm hoping I can get away with one board... I await a reply from the nice people at heathcote....


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