Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Derby day

Now the shop pictured above is a bit of a love-hate kind of shop. I'll tell you why.... Firstly, a few weeks ago I dragged the very pregnant wife across Derby, through a rather unpleasant underpass to find this shop. This was a Saturday at about 3pm...I found the shop..........and it was closed!!!! On a Saturday! I now find that the shop is intermittenly closed when the owner is at exhibitions. Which is a bit silly really.....! If I wasn;t so persistent, I probably would have given up and kept on using gee dee in Nottingham.

However, I'm not one to be put off that easily, so today Dad and I attempted a further visit. Yes it was open, yes we found an easy parking space without necessitating a further navigation of said underpass and's a wonderful shop. Full of woodland scenics, wills, peco etc. - simply very good, bits of 009, all the major model railway equipment required for any gauge and decent prices too...

So, overall, its excellent, if it would be a little clearer about its opening hours!

Purchased the rest of the peco 009 points, a further peco point motor and the first (of many I suspect) bag of ballast (woodland scenics granite mix). When I got home, I glued the final piece of cork in place (hooray Rhyd Ddu is corked!) and laid out the yard quickly to check the positioning of points. So, soon, phase 1 tracklaying should be complete, with just a few soldered joins to complete and some final cork removal before we move on to wiring!


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