Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The B's knees!

This is an ex South African Railways, now WHR B wagon. There are 8 on the WHR at the moment, although 2 are on the FR for use holding coal now that locos are being converted to coal again (Earl of M and Taliesin being the first converted). These are clearly striking and interesting wagons (and sizeable too) and 2 have also been converted into bike wagons to carry bikes (making a nice link with the local Beics Menai hire in Caernarfon). For more info go here: Therefore they are a must on my 009 model of Rhyd Ddu. But no one produces a kit for it....well that is until now...

Earlier this year I managed to get drawings of these wagons from Marcus Ingram at the WHR and passed them to Allen Doherty of Worsley Works in the hope he could produce something in 009... Well this weekend at expo narrow gauge the B wagon 009 kit is launched - £13 for a kit with bogies and all bodywork - not bad eh! Allen produces lots of other FR/WHR kits and his site is here

Finally, a quick advert for an item I'm selling on ebay to raise funds for Rhyd Ddu (A Corris/early Talyllyn 'Tattoo' loco (no.4)- a good runner, nicely painted and a snip at the moment - see


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