Thursday, October 05, 2006

Uses for old quiche boxes

Hi all,

Claire didn't go in to be induced today - it's been put off until tomorrow. Bit of a waste of time taking a day of work therefore, but it did mean that I could get some modelling done alongside a trip to the cinema and garden centre....

Cut up pieces of an old quiche box to create a graduated slope down to baseboard level from the elevated section (see image above for the reason it has to be elevated, to create the wall). Then, following extensive work on the track layout, I cut out a final platform shape, using the initial try as a template, but 3 inches longer and with less curavture at the south end.

Power planers....ummmm...thought my purchase of one ages ago was a bit of an extravagance...but my gosh are they good when you need them!! A quick wizz of the planer alongside the edges and they are perfectly straight now. Great!

Finally, I had time to drill a hole for the plug connection of controller B and then I had to go to the garden centre. Initially I was horrifed to find that the Christmas stuff was on sale already(!), but then I noticed a cheeky little battery operated Christmas trainset. This is the first time I have ever spent £12.99 on a Christmas item in early October, but hey, they might have sold them all by the time I get to this centre again, so it had to be bought (sorry everyone!).

Unlikely to get much done tomorrow as we are likely to go to the hospital am, but I said that yesterday!



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