Thursday, October 26, 2006

The coaching manual

I've got a decent number of 009 locos for the layout. In the end, I'd like to be able to run WHR(C), WHR(P) and FR trains on the layout, but for now it's looking ok...

However, coaches are a different matter...but this is the plan: red is got kit, amber is part made/in wrong livery, green is complete and grey is 'no kit bought yet'

WHR set 1 - brake, saloon, open, pullman, 23 and B wagon

WHR set 2 - brake, saloon, saloon, open, 24 and B wagon

Works diesel + 2 x B wagons, ancilliary other wagons, coach 1000 and ex SAR brake van

FR 1870s heritage train - bugs 2 and 5, ashbury 10, iron bogie 15, bowsider 18, curly roofed van

FR 1930s heritage train - van 2 (ex No.10), bugs 1,3,4, quarryman's coach, iron bogie 16, bowsider 20

Quarry Hunslet+ slate wagon train and van 6

FR modern set 1 -106(David's),105,104,14,37,26
FR modern set 2 - 116,121,122,103,11,22

So, lots of work ahead this winter to start putting these sets together. Watch this space though...


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