Sunday, October 15, 2006

Making the connection

Great progress today. Board 1 has had both its ends connected to copper strip and soldered on for sureity of alignment and a bit of extra security should the ends of the board get knocked in transit. Where board 1 meets board 2 (see shot above) the track was aligned and tested with a lilliput bogie coach.

Then, track was laid down to the north loop point, which was also installed with insulated joiners. Once again the 15" curve is preceded by a transition curve of 18" radius. This is to ease running. Finally, a few further pieces of cork were clued down on board 3 ready for the great platform alignment project (tomorrow?)

PS This post was created using picasa 2, somw rather cheeky image software that is free from google and allows you to publish images to the blog directly as well as create web galleries now. But I'm sticking with fotopic for that for the mo - see

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stephen said...

The layout is looking great Colin, I'm enjoying watching it develop. And congratulations to you all on the birth of Thomas.

Leslie said...


Have you thought of putting a 'scale' in the foreground of the photos? One of 6 inches / 150 mm would be good. It may seem a bit of an odd request, but as an old archaeologist (or rather a FORMER archaeol't) I can vouch that the value of a scale can't be underestimated where there isn't a lot in the photo - i.e. the early stages of the landscaping.

Keep it up, good work.