Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ups and downs

Visited Sherwood Models at lunchtime today and purchased some more cork underlay and the first point motor, so I can drill holes in the right places before purchasing the other 4 (and hoping some cheap ones might come up on ebay in the meantime!). The piece of luck however was that in a 'odds and sods' box I found an old LIMA OO flat wagon with a grey container on it. Fantastic I thought, that'll do for the KMX tamper shed! At £2.50 it was a bargain.

Light is fading fast these days and the bulb in the garage isn't really up to it, so I have given up early tonight to concentrate on electrical diagrams for the forthcoming wiring 'month'...(!) I did manage to start the down gradient from board 1 towards the station and I am fast thinking that it might be too steep and that the final pier on board 1 might need reducing in height a little to help. That would be annoying considering I fixed it all on yesterday, but if needs must...it'll have to come off again. The good news is that the cant issue (raised yesterday) appears fine with a bogie coach, so I'll leave that for now and if the pier does get reduced in height it will be even better, so that 'mini crisis' is over!

Right, back to wiring diagrams... and whilst I'm on...have you ever noticed how ridiculously expensive switches are at maplins - try ebay - you can get 10 for the price of 2 in maplins!


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