Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Level headed

Mini 'crisis' over! The pier (see yesterday's post) has been reduced in height by 2mm and we have a result - the slight cant issue has been resolved with some judicious packing under pier 2 and the level of the track at pier 1 onto board 2 is now sorted too. Hooray! Then glued together two pieces of plywood (one 4mm, the other 9mm) added a piece of 1.5mm cork underlay and the track level is perfect.

Also purchased a right-hand point for the yard today, completing the S+C requirement. Thanks to Phil Brown, I have also solved the issue of how the yard points will be worked when Rhyd Ddu is commissioned.

Tomorrow, Claire is booked in to be induced, so may get some modelling done am, but then updates are likely to stop for a few days until the baby is home... Normal blogging will be resumed soon...


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