Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seeing the light

This shot shows the point indicator on the loop points. These light to show that the points are set 'wrong road' i.e. the automatic sprung points have been set the non-normal way. The FR/WHR system is for right hand running through stations, so this light shows if the points are set for the left hand platform. So how do we get this top work on the layout? Well, the points won't be sprung, but set using peco point motors, I already want one switch to change the polarity at the frog so I need a twin microswitch .... voila below... which uses one switch for the frog and the second for LEDs on the panel, but it's the same idea really...
Anyway...progress today has seen the cork stripped out (by chisel) for the platform. which now sits nicely in its gap between the cork for the track bed. Track was then laid out to the south loop point and the final bit of cork laid underneath. The 10mm hole for the point motor pin was also drilled and first ideas for the yard track layout were tried out.

Tomorrow, my parents are here so might not get much done, but the cork will be dry and the yard plan can be sorted and laid out ready for tracklaying.... Will post some pictures when the track is properly liad out and nailed down...


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