Monday, October 30, 2006

moving up a gear

The above are various switches etc. for use on the layout. From left to right: PECO point motor with extended pin, PECO passing contact switch for throwing the points, on-off DPDT [double pole double throw] switch for isolating sections (second poles for an LED on the panel), DPDT centre-off switch with white lever cover (for switching sections between controller A or B, or indeed neither [off]) and finally on the right twin microswitch for loop points, one to switch frog polarity and one for a signal. Behind is a PECO single microswitch for switching frog polarity, where a signal is not present.

Add to these the Din connectors for plugging in the walkabout controllers, the D connectors for connecting wires across boards, the point indicator board and various 5mm and 3mm LEDs and we have all the bits for the control panel, apart from the actual panel itself....

Oh look a control panel! This will be attached using M8 bolts, the top bolts with long washers so that the panel sloped towards the front a little. PS there's 4 layers of white emulsion on this!

So everything's set up, buzz bars are in place and I even widened the holes in the point bars to take the point motor pins today. It's already for the wiring weekend, this weekend. David and Dad are coming to lend a hand, I'll be spending the rest of the week drawing up wiring diagrams... Bring it on!


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