Thursday, July 22, 2010

99 days to go…

So on the occasion of the three figure number of days falling to two figures, here’s what’s left to do:

- woodwork – new breakfast bar style legs need installing and new board covers need building.

- trackwork – hidden sidings transitions need installing, work is needed to finally align board joins plus the installation of track in the new station approach point area

- pointwork – test tortoise.

- backscene – order mirror vinyl for ends, check backscene test print, if ok get printed on vinyl and install.

- electrics –reconnect up a few feeds to new improved bus, carry through bus to hidden sidings.  connect up feeds to hidden sidings storage area.

- hidden sidings board alignment – do magnets work?

- Curtain around layout base – add velcro on layout.

- scenics – tart up board joins, add signs and details. Extra trees to hide any backscene issues.

- carriages as per below post

- wagons – painting plus couplings etc.  Some extra work e.g. handrails to Rob’s excellent ballast and DZ wagons.

- testing! Week before?

- check van size as my calculations reckon we will need a LWB transit.

- locos and decoders!

Dad and I had a good chat about this and the priority order is as follows:

1) 143 – done in black and just needs a decoder

2) 138 – pretty much ready, body needs detailing.  Luckily very little of what Dad had done so far has changed after the engine’s overhaul.

3) 87 – the problem with the chassis has been found – the builder (I bought this half done off ebay) had incorrectly positioned the radius link and the bits of the valve gear that link to it.  This is the same on all 4 sides of the valve gear.  However now this is known, we should be able to sort this out.  The body which I built is back with me for detailing.

4) K1 – I built the body and have nearly finished it.  Dad is to tackle the chassis, which are not as involved as the NGG16s and the basic structure is already done (cylinders made up, wheels on axles etc)  Only issue on the body will be the coal bars which may have to be made out of brass strip or even etched for us, they are prominent on the loco, but not in the kit.

5) Castell Caernarfon – in body colour now, need to source yellow stripe transfers.  This will be a DCC sound loco, so some work required once painted.  Also needs lights installed (these may not work for expong).

6) Vale of Ffestiniog – basically just needs painting now in it two tone green livery. 

7) Merddin Emrys – needs pickups adding and lining, plus decoder.  Should be easy.

7) Russell – with Dad to finish electrifying and then ready to paint.

8) Upnor Castle – in need of extra details. May just be a static exhibit at expong like dolgarrog due to some issues in where to put decoder and insulating chassis from body.

9) Taliesin – built by me and nearly ready, at bottom of list though due to pressing priorities above.

Conwy Castle/Beddgelert are to be left out of the expong list as we try to get 9 (8 + spare) locos ready and concentrate on the key ones.

HECK THERE’S A LOT TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Rob Waller said...

Can you post a picture of your Upnor Castle, Colin? I've not seen what the Worsley kit looks like. I'd be interested to see how it compares to my scratchbuilt one.